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Don’t allow yourself to care about criticism

One thing I made a point of doing was making it my purpose to exert as much control over my reality as possible. Everything from my emotional control to financial freedom.

I sought not to watch life go by, as if I in a cliff hanger action movie or a sullen documentary. One of the things I do is eliminate your ability to throw shade upon anything in my reality.

Here’s a bit of an anecdote, once upon a time I was a social broadcaster on a site. I came under a more idealistic, emotionally altruistic and naive form of myself. I figured that if bought the truth of my personality and positivity to my broadcast,

It would radiate and permeate throughout the chatroom and everyone would be compelled to just chill out.
This formula worked for a while, that is until people who were preexisting enemies came in my room and saw each other. They fought in my room and I tended to take the neutral route. Which usually resulted in them either threatening to not return to my room, thus leveraging their net-ship and room patronage in attempts to force me to their side.

Or they both proclaim to never return to the room, thus losing both. Before I knew it, my chatroom was labelled a drama room, though I was far from a drama person.

I’m going off on a tangent here, anyway…Limiting your negativity is done a number of ways. For one, youtube comments are disabled on my videos, My chatrooms are heavily moderated, I only accept certain people on facebook, my tweets are protected and my instagram is private. I have public accounts like the RSC youtube, facebook and twitter, But it’s seldom I read those anyway.

Basically, the take away from this entry is to not let criticism dissuade you from a goal. Constructive and helpful criticism should always be given guarded consideration.

Guarded because you can’t be absolutely clear on what the motivation for such criticism comes from. Is it helpful from an honest place in their heart, or is it a manipulation tactic?

In closing, always throw negative criticism where it belongs, in the trash. Sometimes however, negs can be helpful. Look at it somewhat like reverse engineering a piece of malware. Figure out how and why it got past your defenses. A lot can be learned by what is said about you.

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