Living well is the best revenge.

You probably heard that phrase before, but what does it actually mean? What does it mean to have revenge, what is living well and by what standard?

You could say that this phase adds up to having more resources and opportunity than the person you’re feuding with. However, if said person is making minimum wage or what not, yet is living a happy and fulfilled full of love and substance, Yet you roll up on that guy in a Mercedes and mortgage (or paid off) that you’re working a job you hate to pay for, Are you really living that revenge?

For transparency, I have $19,203 in the bank right now as well as $3522 in cryptocurrency assets. To my name. Yet I, for the most part, live a content and happy life (If I’m keeping focused on the here and now instead of swimming in the past). I’m fully satisfied, wanting for nothing except maybe a roll in the hay every now and then along with a tasty meal. Now if a guy who has beef with me, or a frienemy rolls up with a couple of million in the bank, yet a career he’s in out of duty and rat racing rather than personal truth and passion, That guy is NO WAY living better. Therefore, his revenge falls flat because I wouldn’t trade lives with him.

Living well being the best revenge isn’t just about having more, it’s about being more. I’d be a lot more sour towards an enemy if he were living in a van AND happier than me with $20 in the bank. The goal is not the material, but the internal happiness. Imagine being in a position of being able to buy anything you wanted, yet still not being happy. It’s a special kind of hell. See, it’s really more often than not the banal, spiritually frivolous and mentally tawdry people that equate material accumulation with human qualities of success. Those people you shouldn’t be even interested in competing with in the first place.   

So with that said, Let’s rephrase living well is the best revenge into living happily is the best revenge. I once heard a rather contemptible guy from Tennessee angrily argue that saying “Live gets no better than this”  was a stupid phrase. You can’t really argue with a person like that, nor should you want to. That person is in his own personal hell and should be left to rot there, Because you have no time for that.

So live happy!

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