The pill community pt 1: Red vs Blue

The pill community. The Red vs the Blue

About two years ago, I happened upon the youtube manosphere. This community on one side has something called red pill, which are diametrically opposed to blue pills. Funny how red and blue seems to manifest in constant conflicts across several social genre in this country: democrats and Republicans, bloods and crips, xiv and x3.

Anyway, to be short, red pills are pro-man. They’re into things like mgtow (men going their own way), they preach that fatherless homes raise “blue pill” sons, which basically is another way of saying beta male.

With every movement, this too has an opposition. However, as the opposition to red pill is considered to be a weak man who is submissive to women, the opposition naturally doesn’t want to be aligned with the blue pill. Instead, they claim to be men who agree in general yet are vocal in pointing out red pill short comings. Others claim that Red pills are just angry men who can’t get laid.

Me personally, while I have never experienced being ass ripped in court by a judge over child support, I think a lot of Red pill’s stronger points (court and custody) can be conquered with a bit of forethought (ie: wear a condom).

Another Red pill concern goes back to the son and single mother scenario. Many red pillers argue that bitter single mothers are raising men who cannot have healthy relationships with women. Ergo, submission and pandering, Boyz II men has been called the ultimate blue pill music. Which sucks to hear because I grew up on that stuff.

Did I have a single parent home? Yes, basically my mother, grandmother, uncle and me at first before my mother’s remarriage and subsequent siblings.

Did I have a problem with relationships with women? Eventually yes, however I didn’t know a problem was a problem until I got to hanging around other knuckle heads that put sex at the front of the brain.

Upon seeing this problem, I did what anyone would do, solved it. By age 25, I had already had ,and lost, two long term or committed relationships. Between those two relationships however laid a chorus line of FWB, casual encounters, one-nighters and short term dates. But of course, this also meant a lot of baggage,  animosity and guilt. 

Point is, life got worse for a time AFTER I took the red pill. Mostly because looking back at life in the rear view, I didn’t have blue pill problems. I wasn’t submissive and pandering to my mom because she wasn’t that close and involved with me. My grandmother wasn’t the type to demand much of anything from me except respect. 

I was an asexual little otaku who wanted nothing out of life but comics and nintendo. So basically, I took medicine [redpill] I didn’t need.

The red pill community does have a strong and numerous following, so it’s not really a fringe movement. And while I will admit that I have encountered women who have pulled out all the stops to get money out of me, I don’t fault women for that behavior. You use what you have to get what you want, it’s nature.

The best way to protect yourself from the perceived spectre of gyno manipulation is to adopt a strong quid pro quo tangibles oriented mindset. That is if sex is your god. Meaning if you want sex and she wants money, why play a long drawn out game of mental cat and mouse? Put the money on the table and make it clear what you want.

Of course, that’s paying for sex, but it’s also cutting to the chase.

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