Save yourself

If your life is in an emotional downward spiral, and you’re fortunate enough to still have your sense of self honesty, clear critical thinking and will power, GET UP AND HELP YOURSELF!

Chances are great that you’re in it on your own anyway. This is baring the fact of whether or not you have a strong network of personal emotional and financial support. Depending on the type of person you are, you may or may not have burned THOSE bridges long ago.

However, if you do find yourself alone or near alone with your problems, chances are there won’t be an angel, magical individual , 3 ghost or sam beckett showing up to take you by the hand and spirit you away to a point in time where your life is fixed. In other words, life isn’t Hollywood.

If you’re alone in life, or near alone; meaning you have people you can call but not for help with emotional, mental or financial issues due to them either having too much of their own or too little fucks to give, you need to get up and do it yourself. It’s important to come out on the other side better and whole, however.

You may come out on the other side obstinate in self-righteousness, cynicism and in some cases, a huge ego. Which can very easily happen if you’ve just fought and won the fight of your life on your own.

However, You might not want to be this way. Not because you’ll become an unsavory person by other’s standards, which you shouldn’t care anyway. Its because you don’t want to be holding on to baggage, and most baggage belongs to other people. It works to be self focused, but that self focus shouldn’t be rooted in vengeance and spite 

Me personally, I can love the creations and works of people without enjoying their company or even liking them.

Prime example, there’s a pretty famous rapper I know of personally and who you probably have heard of. I used to hate him (and trust me, the feeling was mutual), but now as I’ve gotten older, that hate turned to a refreshing indifference towards him. Despite, I always enjoyed his music and even played a few songs of his earlier while working out. This all stems from self honesty. See, while I wouldn’t give this guy a blood transfusion if I were standing next to him in the hospital and mine was the only type in town, I can be honest in my feelings of liking his work. Because cognitive dissonance (something I always seek to avoid and preach out against) is a very nasty and confusing thing to live with, liking something yet hating yourself for liking it because you either have been told by others or yourself that said thing is bad. This is why the gays have closets, racist parents (sometimes) have daughters in secret interracial relationships and so on. it’s an old saying, but to thy own self be true. it’s not just some pseudo wise pie in the sky idiom that gets said by those with a poor grasp of it’s deeper meaning, it’s a fundamental truth that should be embraced by all.

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