A curious thing about Russian interactions

My Radio music bloc on Moscow online radio

A short backstory to provide context. 

I currently run a Russian music online radio station. That might sound like a huge statement, but in 2020 it’s as simple as getting a Shoutcast stream plan, a live365 account and a copy of Sambroadcaster. Why a Russian music online radio station you might ask, simply put, it was the next logical progression in a long standing business relationship between a DJ in Moscow and myself. 

Despite what you might have been told, Russian is a pretty easy language to learn, it’s pretty straight forward. The words can be long and takes a rework of your jaw and tongue to pronounce with proper speed and clarity, but it’s easy in many ways. However, due to my ability to at the very least read the Cyrillic alphabet and ergo, Russian, I’ve been met with curious pause by several Russians I’ve met over the years.

Unless you have a better than superficial understanding of Russian culture, You never can be sure about when a Russian is joking or being sarcastic, Things work a bit differently in regards to that. Likewise, you can be a funny person in western culture yet fall flat with that same successful humor when in a Russian circle of friends. Which is why I can never be too sure about if that new Russian friend I met is joking when he ask if I’m in the CIA.

I always laugh it off, the Idea that the CIA would send my black ass to Russia on a HUMINT mission is laughable to say the least. However, it also hurts to know that an American with business ties in Moscow can be suspected of being a foreign intelligence operative. These comments aren’t just one offs either, they inevitably will come up eventually in any long term conversation I have with Russian people.  It’s also quite frightening however, Because the фсб has been known to arrest and convict those it suspects are foreign intelligence, Americans included. And I KNOW trump isn’t going to swap me back in a political exchange, So I’d be screwed.

For a while since the 2016 election, People have been eyeballing Putin and Russia. However, both societies seem to share an equal suspicion of each other. Even if Russia has more reason to be concerned over foreign intelligence than we do of theirs.

I guess I’m writing this entry as sort of a declaration to cover my own behind, As I’ll probably be back and forth to Moscow in the coming months should the borders reopen, both for the radio station as well as for Esports. Gotta go where the money is, and for me, the money and notoriety is in Moscow. But yeah, Marquis Dubois does NOT work for the United States government. There, said.

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