Is your stream F.I.T. to stream?

When it comes to Livestreaming and Podcasting, 10 years in the game has taught me that there’s a simple formula to a successful Livestream. I call it the F.I.T. formula: Funny, Informative, Trainwreck.

It’s not an exact science, and you don’t need to have all 3 to be successful. Also, it depends on what you define as success. Basically, you should ask yourself:

Am I Funny?

Funny is one of the few things in life about a person that has to be defined by someone else. I personally crack myself up when I’m alone, however, comedy isn’t one of my strong points so I tend to stay away from doing it too often. I’m not going to break down the science behind humor, I will however say that a good formula for humor is often wit, surprise and or awkwardness on display.  

Basically, humor brings people together under the joy of laugher.  Humor can facilitate bonding experiences and can lift a person up who is otherwise having a bad or saddening day. Humor can also shatter barriers: It’s tough to hate a person you’ve shared a laugh with. 

You don’t have to be a clown on display, generating humor at the expense of your own dignity and self respect. Nor do you have to drop one-liners, memes and repurposed pop references all night. If you’re natural and a generally funny person at your core, you’ll rise to the top.

Am I informative?

 Funny is cool, but sometimes people want or need substance. They want to learn or be educated on a topic, subject or event that may be important to them. If you have exceptional knowledge on a subject you’re exploring, or just have an encyclopedic understanding of darn near everything, You’ll definitely pull ahead of the pack. If you’re funny and informative, you’re in the gold standard. These days, quite a few people get their news from memes. Satire news shows are some of the most popular. 

If you have something to say, know what you’re talking about, and even better, knowing A LOT about what you’re talking about, you should have no problem appearing on the radar. This of course is contingent upon how effectively you promote and expose your stream or podcast to the world. How will people know your greatness if they don’t know you exist.


Am I a trainwreck?

Or you can be a trainwreck. The best description of a trainwreck is a streamer who goes live and basically lays bare to the world all of their flaws for public consumption. In many cases, this is your chronic, heavy drug users that gets on a live rambling and babbling. They’re your alcoholics that drink until they argue, rant, cry, stumble or pass out on cam. They’re your 700 pound (no fat shaming) home shut-ins bitter at the world.

To be a trainwreck, you don’t have to be informative, heck, you don’t even have to be funny (though people will laugh at you anyway out of pure sense of superiority). You just have to be your true and deeply flawed self, The self that those who care about you would otherwise rather you kept out of the public eye. So if you have something about you that you’re ashamed of, and the world can mutually agree is shameful, go live, You’ll be the trainwreck.

The theory behind why a trainwreck is so popular is the rubberneck syndrome. Which is why the term trainwreck applies: You just have to see the wreckage. Personally, I grew up with a view of highway 280 outside my window, so I’m immune to that desire. 

So that’s how you get your stream F.I.T. 

Are you funny, and or informative? Or are you a trainwreck? 

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