Digital Nomading or Digital Hermitting

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5:45 am…Monday. I’m in a Las Vegas hotel after a 2 week stay. Both my bags are packed and the uber will be here at 6:30am. I have just enough time to wash my *** and slam an extremely scaled down breakfast consisting of a personal container of Frosted Flakes with 2% milk. As I explained before, the worst thing about Nomading is the dietary options. Anyway, I start my morning successfully and make it to the station just in time to jump on the Amtrak to Seattle.

After a 35 hour trip on Amtrak’s starlight coast line in a roomette, I arrive in Seattle. I make it just in time to my $10 a night Airbnb. From las Vegas to Seattle, I’m gonna honestly say that better than 70 percent of this trip was spent in a bed or on a bed…in my under ware. And of course, once I got to my Airbnb, I went right back to my gig on the bed.

See, As a traveler for a few years now, it’s only just now dawned on me that I’m not getting the full experience of a destination. The Minsk, Tokyo and Tuxpan trips all had one thing in common: I spent the entire trip in bed on a Laptop. I’m not going out there seeing landmarks, going to nightclubs, concerts, music festivals or cultural centers. I turn down most invitations to social gatherings and make necessary business related social functions as brief and scaled down yet obligatorily compliant as possible.
Sure, there are situations that are for me unavoidable. I’ll go out and buy food and will always make time to fit in my exercise. Other than that, I’m usually in my room doing my work, playing a video game during downtime, talking on discord or skype and of course getting movie time in.

So it begs the question, Is this Digital nomading or Digital hermitting? While I will go from my location to the home of another person for a small gathering of 3 to 4 people, I won’t go out of my way to make that happen. I’m socially disinterested and culturally incurious.

So why travel?
Simply put, It’s probably wanderlust combined with a sense of questing urgency. The simplest way to put it: something is out there, I’d like to find it but I’m in no particular hurry to find it. So far, I’ve been blessed to at least discover what WASN’T the soul soothing solutions. It wasn’t home ownership (been there done that), It wasn’t 10s of thousands of dollars in the bank (who really cares?), It wasn’t cars, it wasn’t women. Outside of spirituality, Only Art has really provided a sense of purpose. However, what I do know is I can’t just be in one place doing Art.

So, for now I travel.

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